The Gaming Gods CreedNumber 1: You must be 18 years of age and out of high school in order to join The Gaming Gods community.Number 2: No cheating of any form will be tolerated. You are able to have SCUF controllers, but no other controllers or modification to game play in allowed. This includes no cheat codes that allow you to have an advantage over other gamers within your party. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned from The Gaming Gods community. This is your only warning, please play responsibly. Number 3: There is absolutely no form of racism or discrimination within The Gaming Gods community. You will only be warned once, after that you will be told to leave the community.Number 4 : You are expected to be respectful of your fellow Gaming Gods members as well as other gamer you play with. If you are being bullied, you are able to stand up for yourself, however please keep in mind you are representing The Gaming Gods community.Number 5: You MUST follow the Chain of Commands. For example, the recruit goes to a private, private to a sergeant, sergeant to a lieutenant, lieutenant to a captain, captain to a major, major to a general. Please follow the chain if you have any conflicts that arise whether personally, with another Gaming Gods member, or while playing online with other gamers.Number 6: Once you reach a sergeant in The Gaming Gods, you will be told to put TGG in front of your gamer tag. This must be approved by a higher up, meaning a major or general.Number 7: Once you decide to join The Gaming Gods, you cannot represent any other clan or gaming community. You must run your clan gamer tag at all timer with the proper rank given.Number 8: Violations of The Gaming Gods Creed will be looked at upon occurrence individually. This means that depending on the situation, a warning will be given and/or immediate removal from the community will occur.Number 9: Do not poach other gamers into The Gaming Gods. This is strictly prohibited and you will be removed from our community. Number 10: The Gaming Gods wants you to remember to have fun, enjoy your gaming experiences, and fuck shit up!